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Alternative title:
鬼父2 (Japanese)
Genres: erotica
Themes: incest, lolicon, rape

Objectionable content: Pornography
Based on: "Oni Chichi 2" (erotic game) by Blue Gale
Plot Summary: A man had an accident in which his wife died, he blames himself for it and now has to take care of his four step daughters. One of them loves him a lot but she hides it. On the other hand one hates him and almost every man because she feels she is always repressed for being a woman so her father decides to discipline her and make her feel like a real women by breaking her. The oldest is fully grown up and has the body of an adult women, she is caring for her younger sisters and respects her father, so he decides to start a new family with her as the mom.

Running time: 28 minutes per episode
Number of episodes: 2

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